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A Network of Veterinary Practices

This site is operated by MyPetPortal. We are initially working in partnership with Village Vet Group only but are looking to expand the service to a network of practices across the country. Please see the 'Practices' section for more information on currently participating practices. MyPetPortal is a trading name of Vet Pet Portal IP Ltd. MyPetPortal provides veterinary groups with websites to enable their clients to purchase their products and services online. MyPetPortal also enables veterinary groups to give their clients access to selected parts of their practice clinical records and to purchase prescription products and health packages that are pre-approved by your vet. All payments, orders and deliveries are fulfilled by MyPetPortal on behalf of your vet. Purchases can be delivered direct to your home address or picked up at any participating vet clinic. All orders for pre-approved prescription products will show on your pet's clinical records at your clinic.